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Introducing Yellow Space Zones

Introducing Yellow Space Zones

In a world where our dogs hold a special place in our hearts, understanding and accommodating their unique needs is paramount. Recognising this, Sarah Jones, the visionary mind behind My Anxious Dog, has introduced a ground breaking initiative for dog events over the summer: Yellow Space Zones. This innovative concept aims to create an inclusive and welcoming environment for anxious dogs and their owners when they need some time out in a safe space.

The core philosophy behind Yellow Space Zones is simple yet profound: dogs wearing yellow need space for various reasons. Whether they are anxious, in training, recovering from illness, elderly or just overwhelmed, these zones provide a sanctuary where both dogs and their owners can feel at ease.

Central to the Yellow Space Zones concept is the incorporation of designated quiet areas. These serene retreats offer respite from the hustle and bustle at dog festivals, providing anxious dogs with a safe space to decompress and relax. But it's not just about tranquillity; these zones also offer enriching activities designed to promote licking which helps alleviate stress. With snuffling and cardboard chaos to help promote mental stimulation these activities help build confidence.


Crucially, Yellow Space Zones are more than just physical spaces. They represent a community-driven effort, with industry leaders and experts coming together to support the initiative. Donations from companies specialising in calming solutions and enrichment products ensure that Yellow Space Zones are equipped with the latest tools and resources to benefit anxious dogs and their owners.

Among the enriching activities in the zones is the 'Boredom Buster', graciously provided by the team at Pet Remedy. This interactive game encourages dogs to engage in playful exploration while uncovering hidden treats, generously donated by Barkable. Barkable is a new company dedicated to crafting premium, hand-baked dog treats using sustainable practices and high-quality ingredients.

Additionally, JR Pet Products have donated their Pate, which is highly palatable, easily digestible, and totally irresistible to even the fussiest dogs—ideal for snuffling. No Fuss fill donated their training treat chopper, our shortcut to perfectly sized dog training treats! Paws in Earnest has donated its innovative Rylo, the ultimate dog enrichment toy designed to keep dogs entertained for hours on end. Made from durable natural rubber, Rylo offers a perfect blend of fun and functionality, delivering endless mental and physical stimulation for dogs of all breeds and sizes. This is filled with Furr Boost, a hydration drink perfect for those warm summer days. Furthermore, we are grateful to Tug E Nuff for providing toys that harness the power of play, allowing dogs to relax and enjoy themselves.


Moreover, the oversight of renowned dog trainers and behaviourists adds an extra layer of assurance. Their expertise not only ensures the effectiveness of the activities within Yellow Space Zones but also provides guidance and support for owners navigating the challenges of living with an anxious or reactive dog.

Below is Niki French founder of Pup Talk, a games-based dog trainer. Niki is a regular helper in our Yellow Space Zones that works with anxious and reactive dogs.

The Yellow Space Zones were first launched at All About Dog Shows and have since been included at DogFest, Dogstival, P in the Park, North East Dog Festival & Pawfest. With more events and festivals expressing interest in this initiative, we hope to raise awareness for #dogsinyellow through their promotion. These zones serve as a testament to the power of compassion and collaboration, demonstrating that together, we can create spaces where every dog feels valued and included.


As Yellow Space Zones continue to spread across communities, they offer a beacon of hope for anxious dogs and their owners everywhere. With their emphasis on empathy, enrichment, and expert guidance, these zones are not just spaces — they offer a safe retreat where you can take a break and enjoy a cup of coffee while your dog finds solace away from the hustle and bustle.

The Yellow Space Zones can be found at
DogFest, Burghley House, Stamford :June 9th 2024
DogFest, Tatton Park, Knutsford, Cheshire:June 15th-16th 2024
P in the Park, Midlothian, Scotland: July 13th-14th 2024
North East Dog Festival: August 31st 2024
DogFest, Harewood House, Leeds: September 7th-8th 2024
DogFest, Knebworth House: September 21st-22nd 2024
Pawfest, Betteshanger Park, Kent: October 5th-6th 2024


And a special thank you to Chloé Fuller for all your help and support with my vision. Outside of her dog food obsession, she is a TV Presenter, with a number of programmes under her belt. From being the official Pet Expert of the amazing Steph's Packed Lunch, to joining the presenting team for Crufts on Channel 4 or offering thoughts on disability advocacy with BBC's The One Show & Morning Live. 



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