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Unveiling the

Unveiling the "Yellow Space Zones"

My Anxious Dog are introducing a revolutionary “Yellow Space Zone” for dogs in yellow at the All About Dogs Show at the Newbury Showground on 13th and 14th April.

The ground breaking initiative, which aims to provide a welcoming environment for anxious dogs and their owners, will also feature enriching activities and calming solutions generously donated by industry leaders and expert oversight from renowned dog trainers and behaviourists.

Dogs wearing yellow need space for various reasons, which is why the new “Yellow Space Zones” will include a designated quiet area where dogs can enjoy enrichment games designed to alleviate stress and promote mental stimulation.

“The enhanced "Yellow Space Zone" at the upcoming All About Dog Show at the Newbury Showground promises to set a new standard for dog-friendly events, prioritising the well-being and happiness of every canine attendee,” says Sarah Jones from My Anxious Dog. “We hope that other dog show organisers will follow suit and embrace this important collaboration, ensuring that all dogs have the opportunity to enjoy a day out with their owners.”

“We’re delighted to welcome this new #dogsinyellow initiative at the All About Dogs Show Newbury this year,” says organisers of the All About Dogs Shows. “We’re dedicated to creating a welcoming and inclusive environment for all dogs and their owners.”

Among the enriching activities in the “Yellow Space Zones” is the "Boredom Buster," graciously provided by the generous team at Pet Remedy. This interactive game allows dogs to engage in playful exploration while uncovering hidden treats, donated by Barkable, a new company dedicated to crafting premium, hand-baked dog treats using sustainable practices and high-quality ingredients.

Furthermore, Paws in Earnest has generously donated their innovative Rylo, the ultimate dog enrichment toy designed to keep pups entertained for hours on end. Made from durable natural rubber, Rylo offers a perfect blend of fun and functionality, delivering endless mental and physical stimulation for dogs of all breeds and sizes.

Tug E Nuff have donated toys for the Yellow Space Zones which are perfect for confidence building and distraction work. The Power Of Play has great tips and advice for nervous and shy dogs.

Combined with My Anxious Dog's calming spray, these enriching activities and calming solutions will create an oasis of tranquillity within the "Yellow Space Zone."

The introduction of these enriching activities and calming solutions underscores the commitment of My Anxious Dog and All About Dog Show to creating a more inclusive and compassionate environment for all dogs. By collaborating with industry leaders and leveraging innovative solutions, they hope to inspire other dog show organisers to adopt similar initiatives nationwide.

The "Yellow Space Zone" will also benefit from the expert oversight of dog trainer Niki French, author of "Stop Walking Your Dog," and behaviourist Jo Sellers, author of "Adore Your Adolescent Dog."

Their presence will ensure that anxious dogs and their owners receive professional guidance and support throughout their visit to the zone, further enhancing the experience and promoting positive interactions.

“Join us in supporting this pioneering initiative for our #dogsinyellow,” adds Sarah from My Anxious Dog. “And spreading awareness about the importance of compassion and understanding towards anxious and reactive dogs and their owners.”

The “Yellow Space Zones” will be at the All About Dogs Show at the Newbury Showground on Saturday 13th and Sunday 14th April 2024.

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