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Yellow raincoat for nervous dogs

Yellow Rain Coats For Anxious, Nervous & Reactive Dogs

My Anxious Dog's stylish new lightweight waterproof yellow raincoat will keep your anxious dog dry and visible during wet weather adventures plus help let others know that they need space. 
It is a great option in warmer seasons as it is non insulated and lined with our yellow hearts pattern for our dogs in yellow. Its a purfect fit as the material is flexible and durable and very comfortable to wear. The well shaped front area of the raincoat protects the dogs important muscles from the wind and rain while allowing your dog to walk and run freely.
It has adjustable quick release side buckles rather than a Velcro strap making it more of a positive experience if you have a noise sensitive anxious dog. It has a drawstring adjustment around the neck and a collar hole or harness zip for your lead attachment. Please note the importance of careful usage, especially if you have a strong-pulling dog and are utilising the harness hole feature. Please ensure that the harness attachment is visible through the zip opening. This precautionary measure is vital, as excessive pulling force could potentially damage the stitching or material. 

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