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Rylo - Interactive Enrichment Feeder

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Introducing the Rylo as seen in our Yellow Space Zone. The ultimate dog enrichment toy designed to keep your pup entertained. Made from durable natural rubber, Rylo is the perfect combination of fun and functionality, delivering endless mental and physical stimulation.

Rylo's patent pending design allows you to fill it with a variety of dog-friendly goodies. Whether it's your pup's favourite kibble, raw food, or even liquids, Rylo can handle it all. Simply pour in the desired treats or liquids, freeze (optional) and watch as your dog engages into an exciting and rewarding playtime. Instead of feeding out of a bowl every meal time, try using the Rylo as your new dog bowl!

Rylo encourages mental stimulation and problem-solving. The bowl shape creates a puzzle-like challenge for your dog to navigate whilst removing their favourite treats, stimulating their natural instincts and promoting cognitive development.

Rylo is not just a toy; it's a tool for enhancing your dog's overall well-being. By engaging their senses, promoting healthy eating habits, and providing an outlet for their energy, Rylo helps prevent boredom, anxiety, and destructive behaviours. It's the perfect solution for keeping your dog happy, active, and mentally sharp.

Freezer and Dishwasher Safe

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