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How I keep my anxious dog safe during my Jubilee parties.

How I keep my anxious dog safe during my Jubilee parties.

With Her Majesty's Platinum Jubilee celebrations starting tomorrow, the UK's streets will soon be decorated with Union Jack flags and decorations. Many of us will be hosting parties, to celebrate Queen Elizabeth II's 70 years of valiant service. And owning an anxious dog makes these occasions even more stressful. 

It can be really difficult to admit that you don’t have a social dog. People think that all dogs are social and everyone can just come into their space to love them. So running over some ground rules with your friends and family is a must. Your dog's behaviour is extremely important during parties, but so is your guest's behaviour. Make sure your dog's space is being respected and that any children who are around are also able to maintain a level of distance and mutual respect. 

Your anxious dog needs space to retreat when they are feeling overwhelmed. If your dog is nervous of people then a safe space is important for them. Bella is extremely reactive to strangers so we always put her upstairs but I hate shutting her in our bedroom so we purchased a stair gate from DOG-G8.

The DOG-G8 company is a dog-loving, family business that designs and sells high quality, British-made, concertina dog safety gates. It’s fantastic, easy to fit. It comes with two mounting brackets which attach to any smooth surface. It’s also really light too. Being at the top of the stairs I love the fact that there is nothing to trip over when you open the gate to step through.


Making sure your dog is calm during social events will ease anxiety for not only you, but also your dog. Removing your dog from potentially fearful situations is perfectly acceptable especially if it will help keep both visitors and your dog safe. I now feel more comfortable about having friends over knowing that Bella has the freedom of upstairs. A dog safety gate can be a useful tool to have in many different circumstances, it’s a pretty versatile dog product that makes a happy life with your dog much easier.

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