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What do you pack when holidaying with an anxious or nervous dog?

What do you pack when holidaying with an anxious or nervous dog?

As a nation of dog lovers, many pet owners can’t bear to be apart from their beloved fur babies and so they take them on holiday.  But owning an anxious dog makes it even more stressful.
Preparing for your trip in advance can make a big difference to holidaying with your dog and reduce your stress.
If you are thinking of going on a holiday with your dog, then do it but preparation is key. There are things you need to consider to ensure you all have a smooth and enjoyable break. "Failure to prepare is preparing to fail" and this is especially true when holidaying with your anxious dog.
So what do you pack for your anxious dog? 
Firstly Bella does actually have her own holiday bag and I actually have a holiday list for her too!
Obviously the most important thing for us all is her yellow gear. 
Bella is fearful of other dogs and strangers touching her so this is especially important when going to an area we are not familiar with. 
My holiday list  for Bella is:
Yellow harness
Muzzle from The Muzzle Shop
Dog whistle
Doggie dressing gown & drying towels
Dog bed
Tie up spike
Food, scales & treats
First aid kit

It is important that your dog wears a collar and tag with contact details as it is a legal requirement and if they become lost.
Then her leads, all yellow of course.
I have a selection of leads as I like different controls with Bella in different situations.
We have the standard lead which has either ANXIOUS, KEEP AWAY, KEEP DOGS AWAY or DO NOT TOUCH embroidered through them.
I also take our double ended training lead which is perfect if I want to attach her to my chair if we are eating in a pub garden or in the awning when she’s having a snooze in her bed.
You can provide them with a safe environment to relax and prompt them to take a rest when needed.
Although I am sure Bella always has one eye slightly opened keeping an eye on where we are!
We also have a long line so she can explore.

If it’s a very busy area then I also like to use the double ended lead. I attach one clip to her collar and the other end to the back of her harness. This allows me to keep her close and the safety of 2 separate attachments. 

Her muzzles are great as when she has this on, my stress levels decrease too. This gives me the freedom to go into pubs and cafes and not have to worry that she will snap at someone. Well she will snap if they try to touch her but I have the reassurance she can’t make contact. This protects Bella.

I pack a couple of harnesses just in case one gets muddy or lost, depending how long we are away for. 

Even if we are going away for a summer holiday we take a raincoat, jumper, doggie dressing gown and microfibre towels. Perfect for beach days, or rainy days.

Travelling water bowls are ideal both for car journeys and for long walks, helping to keep your dog hydrated while they explore their exciting new surroundings. As they are collapsible, they are easy to store and use on the go.

Dogs often like familiarity, routine and being near their pup parents, so put together an area full of familiar items for your canine companion. I take one of Bella’s beds and maybe a couple of her toys from home.

As you know, owners who haven't experienced a reactive or anxious dog aren't always completely clear on what to do when they see one. In our Yellow Space Awareness collection of campaign materials, you can easily help raise awareness even on holiday. One idea is simply pop the car sticker on your windscreen and you'll be surprised at how many people will read it! Next up are poo bins, if I use a poo bin I pop a poo bin sticker on it. Our poster’s I will ask in the local dog friendly pubs and coffee stops we visit if they could display them. With a little effort we can get the word out and remove the guesswork, so that everybody can enjoy their walks.

All dogs love quality walks. So whether you're camping or staying in a dog friendly holiday let, research the area beforehand and find lots of wonderful trails. Both you and your waggy-tailed companion will adore your time away and make those special memories.

So that’s the dog packed for all eventualities. 
All you have to do is relax and enjoy.


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