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A new awareness day Saturday 2nd April is #dontwalkyourdogday

A new awareness day Saturday 2nd April is #dontwalkyourdogday

What happens when nervous and reactive dogs go on walks every day?
Or dogs that get over-excited?

It can be really hard to avoid everything that might trigger them. Walking and exercising them more is not the answer. The more often your dog reacts, the better they get at it. It becomes even more of a habit.

You can break the cycle by walking them less and replacing some walks with mental and physical activities at home.

Niki French founder of Twickenham Dog Services has announced Saturday 2nd April is the first-ever #dontwalkyourdogday.

Ways you can get involved now:
🐶  Sign up to the #dontwalkyourdogday email list to get the latest updates 
🐶  Download any of the graphics to post in your favourite dog groups and on Saturday 2nd April:

🐶  Share a favourite photo of your dog with #dontwalkyourdogday
🐶  Like, comment or share one of our posts
🐶 Post an activity your dog likes to do without leaving home with #dontwalkyourdogday              
🐶  Join Pup Talk with Niki French on Facebook a communities of dog lovers,  sharing and supporting each other

All dogs can benefit from playing physical and mental games at home.
Are all of your walks calm and enjoyable for both of you? 
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