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Dogs In Yellow Day (#dogsinyellow) Competition

Dogs In Yellow Day (#dogsinyellow) Competition

The 20th March marks Dogs in Yellow Day #dogsinyellow day which raises 
awareness of anxious dogs. When you see a dog wearing yellow it means that they need some space so that the world seems less frightening to them.

There are many reasons why a dog could become anxious.
These include:

 Recovering from an illness or operation
 Female dogs in season
 Older dogs
 A nervous, unpredictable or unsociable dog
 Dogs in training
 They may have a new family who aren’t yet sure of the dogs character and
     behaviour with other dogs or people

It is hoped that dogs wearing Yellow will become a recognised symbol and bring
awareness for dogs that need some compassion and space whilst out and about on walks.

Why not enter our Facebook competition to win a yellow lead from the My Anxious Dog range., a Diddy Barking Bag and a Natural Calm Herbal Spray from the Dog Doctors.

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