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A 12 Days of Christmas Gift Guide for Anxious Dog Owners

A 12 Days of Christmas Gift Guide for Anxious Dog Owners

For dog owners dealing with anxiety in their furry companions, the most precious gift of all is confidence.

Love is the first gift of Christmas for all dog owners, requiring boundless compassion and dedication especially when caring for nervous dogs. Building a strong bond with our four-legged friends involves constant efforts to make their lives safer and happier.

Following our love, confidence takes centre stage. Confidence is the cornerstone of all successful dog training, especially when dealing with our anxious dogs. The journey with a nervous dog can be challenging; terms like "reactive dogs" and "dogs in yellow" might have seemed unfamiliar initially. Living with an anxious dog can be incredibly daunting, leaving you drained after stressful events and questioning your own confidence.

Overcoming these challenges requires practical support and facing fears head-on. Yellow accessories play a crucial role in this process, serving as a visual reminder and a powerful way to communicate that your dog needs space. These accessories not only boost your confidence but also showcase your dog's unique personality.

At My Anxious Dog, we've curated a special 12 Days of Christmas Gift Guide, featuring a wide range of confidence-boosting accessories. From yellow harnesses to a range of  award winning leads, jumpers and raincoats to enrichment toys. We have everything you need to support your anxious dog during this festive season.

So, whether your dog has been naughty or nice this year, our 12 Days of Christmas Gift Guide offers the perfect presents for your anxious furry companions.

Embrace the colour yellow proudly; some dogs can only dream of receiving such love and care this Christmas.

Gift One: Cosy Winter Vibes

Yellow Dog Jumpers | Machine Washable | My Anxious Dog

Ensure your nervous pup stays warm and snug this winter with the My Anxious Dog jumper. This specially designed yellow knitted jumper not only provides warmth but also serves as a practical accessory. Easily layer your dog's harness or raincoat over the top, sending a clear signal to walkers that your furry friend needs some space. This unique jumper is the perfect companion for chilly winter walks, making it an ideal and thoughtful gift for this Christmas holiday. 

Give the gift of comfort and confidence to both your dog and yourself during the chilly festive season.


Gift Two: Community Awareness

My Anxious Dog Yellow Space Awareness Poo Bin Stickers

Spread the message in your neighbourhood with our Poo Bin Stickers. Help everyone understand the significance of a dog in yellow by placing these eye-catching stickers on poo bins.


It's a simple yet effective way to raise awareness that dogs in yellow need their space. By giving these stickers, you're not only enhancing the safety of your dog but also contributing to a more understanding and compassionate community. 


Give the gift of awareness this Christmas and make a positive impact in your surroundings for your anxious dog.

Gift Three: Unleash the Fun of a Rollie Pollie

Unleash the fun of a Snuffle Rollie Pollie – My Anxious Dog

Treat your dog to the joy of the Rollie Pollie, a perfect way to infuse fun and mental stimulation into their routine.

This innovative enrichment toy is designed to engage their senses and contribute to a calmer and more relaxed state. Simply load it with treats or your dog's kibble, let them loose, and watch as they joyfully sniff out the hidden treasures. This gift is not just a source of entertainment but also serves as a valuable tool to provide your pup with some well-deserved time out amidst the holiday excitement. 


Give the gift of engaging enrichment this Christmas and let the Rollie Pollie bring moments of joy and relaxation to your furry friend.

Gift Four: Empowering Yellow Dog Leads for Nervous Dogs

Leads for Nervous Dogs | Yellow Dog Lead | My Anxious Dog

This Christmas, give your canine companion more than just a lead—bestow upon them a tool that speaks for their safety and security. Elevate your dog's well-being with this thoughtful and practical present, perfect for the holiday season and throughout the year. 


Give the gift of communication and confidence to your furry friend this Christmas and all year round.


Gift Five: Dog Training Journal for a Successful New Year

Dog Training Journal: Keep a record of your dog's training: Sellers, Jo: Books

Embark on a journey of training success with this great Dog Training Journal—a must-have for any dog owner committed to enhancing their canine companion's skills. Designed for 26 weeks of training plans, this journal empowers you to record your training sessions systematically. It focuses on Identify Challenges: Jot down your key struggles to pinpoint areas for improvement. Game Plans: Plan engaging games to address challenges, incorporate distractions, and introduce new criteria. Weekly Training Log: Record your weekly training activities to track progress and stay organised. Reflection Section: Reflect on what went well and areas to focus on, including distractions to add for the next session.

Dog and puppy training can be overwhelming, but this training diary serves as your guiding companion. Use it to stay on track, maintain motivation, and strengthen the bond with your furry friend. Start the New Year on a positive note with our Dog Training Journal—a thoughtful and practical gift for both you and your dog.

Gift Six: Squeezy Reward for Tail-Wagging Joy

My Anxious Dog Squeezy Reward

Unleash the joy of positive reinforcement with our new Squeezy Reward. This plastic dispenser is more than just a treat; it's a tool designed to make rewarding your pup for any activity effortless.

Crafted with the environment in mind, this dispenser is eco-friendly and allows dog owners to monitor their pet's diet by easily filling it with healthy treats. The squeezy reward silicone tube gives you control over the treat's texture, accommodating pureed fruits, vegetables, squeezy cheese, yogurt, or dog-friendly peanut butter.

What sets it apart is the extendable reel, letting you attach it to your belt or walking bag. This feature not only makes it convenient but also serves as a visual stimulant and distraction for your anxious dog.

Surprise your pup by changing the soft treat for every outing. Elevate your positive reinforcement game with the Squeezy Reward—a thoughtful gift that adds joy to your dog's training sessions and outdoor adventures.


Gift Seven: Dog G8 - Create a Haven Upstairs for Your Anxious Pup

Dog Gate for Stairways, Hallways, and Large Openings from Dog-G8 Plus – The Dog-G8 Company

Ensure your anxious dog has a dedicated retreat with the Dog G8. Every dog needs a safe space, especially when feeling overwhelmed or nervous around people. Having a secure haven for your dog is crucial, particularly during social events like Christmas, as it not only alleviates anxiety for you but also provides a sanctuary for your dog. This gate offers a practical solution to creating a designated space without the need to shut bedroom doors. What's particularly convenient is that, being at the top of the stairs, there's nothing to trip over when you open the gate to step through.


It's a game-changer for dog owners who want to ensure their pets have the freedom to retreat upstairs while still maintaining a comfortable environment.


Gift Eight: A Yellow ANXIOUS Collar with Love and Understanding

My Anxious Dog Yellow Space Awareness Dog Collar "ANXIOUS"

This ANXIOUS Collar, now adorned with a yellow heart—a symbol of love and understanding. This collar goes beyond being a fashion statement; it's a meaningful addition to your anxious dog's yellow wardrobe.

The yellow heart is a powerful emblem, representing the compassion and care you provide to your furry friend. It signifies a deeper connection and understanding of your dog's needs, making it more than just an accessory.

Gift this collar and make every outing a stylish and heart warming experience.

Gift Nine: Discover the original and still the best dog walking bag in the world.

The Original Dog Walking Bag - Black | Barking Bags

This thoughtfully crafted bag is a must-have for dog owners, providing designated spaces for all your essentials during walks. The Barking Bag features an easily accessible section for treats, a convenient poo bag dispenser, a pocket for hand sanitiser, and a spacious inside compartment for items like your phone and keys. It’s crafted from durable, fray-resistant material, it stands the test of time, while the quality water-resistant fabric ensures it's ready for various weather conditions.

Breathable side pockets are perfect for holding a water bottle, balls, or soggy toys, while an extra-wide extendable side pocket with a toggled drawstring adds versatility for larger items or the "unmentionable stuff." I put Bella’s raincoat in this pocket so it's always handy for those sudden downpours.


Gift the perfect walking bag for all your yellow accessories this Christmas.

Gift Ten: Honey Pot Enrichment Feeder - A Treat Delight for Your Dog

Large Honey Pot Durable Rubber Treat Dispenser & Enrichment Toy – My Anxious Dog

Imagine Winnie the Pooh's delight in this Honey Pot Enrichment Feeder, and your dog will feel the same! This engaging treat dispenser brings joy to your furry friend and can be filled with various foods, offering a delightful challenge during feeding time.

Combat boredom by loading it with treats such as kibble, canned dog food, peanut butter, smoothies or your favourite dog treat recipe. For optimal results, mix wet and dry foods, and for an added challenge, freeze the filled feeder to prolong the enjoyment. I always put left over homemade soup or left over banana & blueberry smoothie in and freeze for Bella.


If your dog tends to be a "speed eater," serving meals inside this toy can slow down their eating pace, providing mental stimulation and entertainment. Beyond being a fun treat dispenser, the Honey Pot Enrichment Feeder also serves practical purposes—it reduces problem chewing, helps alleviate boredom, and provides relief from separation anxiety.

Gift your dog the joy of exploration and engagement with this Enrichment Feeder, a delightful and beneficial present that turns feeding time into an exciting challenge.


Gift 11 - Award winning padded harnesses for our nervous dogs

Nervous Dog Harnesses | Yellow Dog Harness | My Anxious Dog

Give the gift of comfort, safety, and clear communication this Christmas with our Padded Dog Harnesses. Wrapped in yellow, not as labels but as symbols of love and understanding

It's not just a practical accessory; it's a thoughtful and award-winning solution for the unique needs of nervous and anxious dogs.


This present is not only a wonderful gift at Christmas but will be useful all year round.

Gift Twelve: Pup Talk - The Pack Private Membership

Pup Talk The Pack - Dog Training & Support Community (

Embrace the most friendly and supportive online dog training with Pup Talk - The Pack Private Membership. This thoughtful gift includes a private Facebook Group: Connect directly with Niki French and a supportive community for personalised advice. A membership website and access a regularly updated hub of training games and content tackling common behaviour struggles. Explore a growing library of expert-led workshops to deepen your understanding of canine behaviour. With flexible learning you have access training modules at your own pace, ensuring a customised learning experience for both you and your dog. Engage in live Q&A sessions for personalised advice and participate in fun challenges to stay accountable and motivated.

Pup Talk - The Pack Private Membership is more than a Christmas gift; it's a year-round investment in building a strong bond with your furry friend. It's the perfect present for dog owners seeking expert guidance, community support, and engaging training activities.








This holiday season, gift comfort and confidence to anxious dogs and their devoted owners with this collection of thoughtful presents. 

From padded Y-style harnesses, award-winning adjustable yellow leads, and cosy winter jumpers to enriching toys like the new Rollie Pollies and the ultimate dog walking bag, each item is designed to enhance the well-being of your dog.

Whether it's the Padded Dog Harnesses with clear "Keep Away" and "Anxious" signals or the empowering Dog G8 gate for creating safe spaces, every gift is chosen with care to make walks, outings, and training sessions enjoyable for both dogs and their owners. And don't forget the Squeezy Reward  for delightful treats during walks.

Wrap your Christmas in yellow this year, bringing joy, comfort, and confidence to every walk and creating a festive season that both dogs and their owners will cherish.

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