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Why Wearing Yellow Can Help Blind Dogs Get the Space They Need

Why Wearing Yellow Can Help Blind Dogs Get the Space They Need

If you are a dog owner, you know that different dogs have different needs. Some are friendly and love to be petted, while others are a bit more reserved. However, if you have a blind dog, you may find that it can be challenging to communicate to others that your dog needs space.

That's where yellow lead slips come in.

In this post, Eve Welton from The Underdogs Training explained why wearing yellow can help blind dogs get the space they need. Eve specialises in training blind dogs as she has 2 blind dogs, Poppy & Jake.

Blind dogs may feel threatened and become agitated when they sense someone close to them, especially if they don't know the person or dog. This can manifest as defensive behaviour and growling or snapping, and can even result in a bite. Not because a dog is aggressive but because they're worried and fearful and they believe that by acting in this way it will scare off the perceived threat. To prevent such situations, adding a yellow lead slip on your blind dog's lead indicates to others that the dog needs space. This can be particularly important in public areas, including parks, where your dog may encounter other people and dogs.

Jake found life difficult at first and disliked people approaching him, trying to touch him or dogs rushing up to him suddenly and him panicking because he was unable to comprehend their intentions.

Eve acquired one of the KEEP AWAY leads from us, and she expressed that it has been truly beneficial for her blind dog. She mentioned that having a lead with a visible indicator explaining the need for people to maintain their distance will greatly enhance their walks.

Additionally, she mentioned that the BEWARE BLIND DOG lead slip cover can also be used alongside her other leads, especially during walks when she uses her long line lead as he likes to sniff around. "If a dog is wearing yellow we really need to be aware and offer them space no matter what their reason but by offering blind dog specific merchandise it will only make it even better. Jake is so calm on walks now and happily trots along with me feeling comfortable and safe - part of this reason is because people don't try to approach him as much thanks to his yellow merch!

If your blind dog has socialisation issues, please get in touch with Eve as it might be something you can work on together to help improve their quality of life. It is essential to set up slow and carefully monitored introductions, which can help your dog become more comfortable around people and other dogs. Alongside that, the yellow lead slip can serve as a physical aide to let others know to give your dog the space they need to avoid undue stress.

In conclusion, blind dogs face unique challenges when in unfamiliar environments. They need our support to navigate their surroundings, and the yellow lead slip is a tool that can help. It can help avoid potentially damaging situations by indicating that a dog needs space. So next time you're out with your blind dog, consider using a yellow lead slip to give them the support they need. It shows your dog needs a little extra TLC and to leave them alone to do their own thing. It may seem like a small thing, but the safety of your blind dog and those around them is important.

Try it out and you may be surprised when you get fewer people trying to approach you and your dog!


To find out more about Eve please visit her website

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