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The Impact of National Dogs In Yellow Day - A Survey Report by My Anxious Dog

The Impact of National Dogs In Yellow Day - A Survey Report by My Anxious Dog

In the ever-evolving world of pet care and advocacy, My Anxious Dog has been at the forefront of supporting anxious dog owners. In a remarkable initiative, they organised the inaugural National Dogs In Yellow Day on 20th March, aiming to raise awareness about anxious dogs and provide support to their owners.

To assess the impact of this event, My Anxious Dog conducted a comprehensive survey of 1000 anxious dog owners across the nation. This blog presents the findings of this survey and highlights the significance of National Dogs In Yellow Day.

  1. Understanding Anxious Dog Owners: The survey began by collecting data on the demographic profile of the respondents. It revealed that anxious dog owners come from diverse backgrounds and regions, emphasising the widespread prevalence of anxiety among dogs. The findings demonstrated the need for increased awareness and support systems.

  2. Awareness of National Dogs In Yellow Day: One of the key objectives of the survey was to determine the level of awareness among anxious dog owners regarding National Dogs In Yellow Day. Encouragingly, over 80% of respondents were aware of the event, suggesting that the initiative had successfully reached its target audience and created a buzz.

  3. Participation and Engagement: The survey also delved into the participation and engagement of anxious dog owners in National Dogs In Yellow Day. The findings showed that more than 60% of respondents actively participated in the event by dressing their dogs in yellow attire and sharing their photos on social media platforms. This level of involvement indicates a strong sense of community among anxious dog owners, united by their shared experiences.

  4. Impact on Awareness and Understanding: National Dogs In Yellow Day aimed to raise awareness about anxious dogs and educate the public about their needs. According to the survey, over 70% of respondents felt that the event significantly raised awareness about anxious dogs within their communities. The initiative proved successful in starting conversations and fostering a deeper understanding of the challenges faced by anxious dogs and their owners.

  5. Support and Resources: My Anxious Dog intended National Dogs In Yellow Day to be a platform for providing support and resources to anxious dog owners. The survey revealed that approximately 50% of respondents sought out additional information, resources, and support services as a direct result of the event. This indicates that the initiative effectively served its purpose of connecting dog owners with relevant assistance and guidance.



The inaugural National #dogsinyellow Day created by My Anxious Dog made a positive impact on anxious dog owners across the nation. The survey findings highlighted the success of the event in raising awareness, fostering understanding, and connecting dog owners with valuable resources. The overwhelming response and participation reflect the urgent need for continued initiatives that support anxious dog owners and advocate for the well-being of their beloved pets. National Dogs In Yellow Day serves as a powerful reminder that together, we can make a difference in the lives of anxious dogs and their dedicated owners.


The findings presented in this blog are based on the survey conducted by My Anxious Dog and may not represent the entire population of anxious dog owners. The purpose of this report is to provide an overview of the survey findings and promote awareness about National Dogs In Yellow Day.

To read the full report click here

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