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Our new carabiner yellow dog lead with KEEP DOGS AWAY is launched

Our new carabiner yellow dog lead with KEEP DOGS AWAY is launched

My Anxious Dog has launched a new lead for dog owners who feel hesitant about telling others their dog needs space.

Sarah Jones founded a range of Yellow Space Awareness products to help her own anxious Cocker Spaniel Bella, and they soon became a hit with other pet parents.

The new range has the wording ‘KEEP DOGS AWAY’ to get the message across that their pet is fearful of other dogs.
Sarah explained: “We have a ‘KEEP AWAY’ range and found that people sometimes felt it was a bit abrupt and felt they needed to explain what their dog needed.

“So the ‘KEEP DOGS AWAY’ range means they can feel more confident going out, knowing that if they see another dog and the owner is considerate, they won’t let their dog approach them.”

The new lead has a twist locking carabiner clip which adds security and peace of mind with a rotating clip that rotates to prevent the lead from twisting.
It’s a shorter length, one metre, so owners can feel their anxious dog safe and close. 

Sarah added: “The lead is to give owner’s piece of mind, its twist lock clip is harder to unclip than a standard lead so feels strong and secure while the soft padded neoprene handle gives a comfortable feel. 

We also have longer carabiner dog leads with a lead cover for owners who prefer more length in their lead. And a double-ended carabiner dog lead which is great for training walks, and offers the flexibility to extend the lead length in safer walking spots. 

A double ended dog lead is also really great for dog's who pull. When combined with a harness that has both a chest clip and back clip, you can attach at two points which gives you greater control.

“Thanks to our #dogsinyellow day more people are understanding that the colour means dogs need space.

“Our mission is to make owners feel as confident as possible while out and about with their anxious dogs and I hope this more polite version of our lead will help even more.”
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