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Does my anxious Dachshund need a coat?

Does my anxious Dachshund need a coat?

Dachshunds do not have thick fur coats, so they get cold quite easily. They are single-coated dogs and usually have just one thin layer of fur.

Many dogs that are cold-weather hardy have two layers of thick fur, with the undercoat being extremely dense and good for conserving body heat.

Dachshunds don’t have this. Which is why you may find your dachshund getting extra shivery or refusing to walk when the weather takes a turn. 

Senior dachshunds can feel the cold more

Older dachshunds in particular suffer from the cold. They don’t have the ability to regulate their body temperature well, and they will get cold and miserable, and possibly sick if you walk them in the cold too much.

You may find your dachshund is reluctant to go out during cold days, and this is a sure sign that they are suffering. Get them a snug raincoat to keep them warm and make sure their walks remain enjoyable.

What Features Should A Dachshund Dog Coat Have?

So, how do you choose a coat for your dachshund? It isn’t easy when it comes to these dogs because they are such an unusual size and shape, so you may find choices are fairly limited.

However, here are a few things you should at least try and get if possible:

1. Reflective material (or reflective strips)

This makes your dachshund easy to see so that you can keep them safe. This makes a big difference, particularly on cold, dark mornings or early evenings.

2. Long enough to cover your dog’s whole body, not just their torso.

You don't want your daxie's bum getting cold!

3. Easy to clean.

Because dachshunds are short dogs, their coats are close to the floor, and will inevitably pick up splashing mud and grime from the pathways. You want to be able to toss their coat in your washing machine.

4. Easy to put on.

Dachshunds can be impatient, especially when a walk is imminent, and won’t want to keep still while you try and fasten fiddly buttons. Look for something that will be quick and easy both at the start and the end of the walk.

5. Waterproof.

Dachshunds hate to get wet, and they are notorious for their dislike of rain. Being only a few inches tall, they are vulnerable to puddles and splashes. A waterproof coat can make the walk that much more enjoyable.

6. Warmth

This is perhaps the most important factor of all. If your dachshund’s coat isn’t warm, it isn’t doing its job. Try to choose one that fits snugly, while still giving your dog good movement so it doesn’t get frustrated or feel restricted.

dachshund dog coat

If you can find a jacket that checks most of those boxes and seems reasonably durable, give it a try. It may take a few walks for your dachshund to get used to it, but once your dog has tried the coat out and adjusted, it will appreciate the extra warmth and protection from wind and rain.

My Anxious Dog stylish yellow raincoats are perfect if you have an anxious or reactive Dachshund.


Meet Our Lightweight Raincoat for Dachshunds

Our new lightweight waterproof raincoat will keep your dog dry and visible during wet weather adventures. It is a great option in warmer seasons too as it is non insulated and lined with our cute yellow hearts pattern.

Its a perfect fit as the material is flexible, durable and very comfortable to wear. The well shaped front area of the raincoat protects the dogs important muscles from the wind and rain while allowing your dog to walk and run freely.

It has adjustable quick release side buckles rather than a Velcro strap making it more of a positive experience if you have a noise sensitive anxious dog. 

It has a drawstring adjustment around the neck and a collar hole or harness zip for your lead attachment.

Take a closer look at this stylish dachshund raincoat here.






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