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A guide to training your nervous, reactive or over-excited pup

A guide to training your nervous, reactive or over-excited pup

We are so excited to have received our copy of  STOP walking your dog by Niki French.
If you, or someone you know, have a dog that is anxious, reactive or over-excitable, more walks are not always the answer. It might come as a surprise, but traditional "walks" are a human invention and aren't helpful for many of our dogs.
She wants to challenge common misconceptions about what some dogs need.
She wants to show people what you can do instead to have a calmer and happier pup. Learn really practical, fun and easy ways to train your dog and help them (and you) live calmer and happier lives.
One of the biggest issue is how people have been feeling guilty if they stop walking their dogs.
😟  Guilty that their dog obviously isn't enjoying their walks because they're too nervous or reactive to things they see.
😟  Guilty that they haven't been able to take their dog out much because of surgery, illness or injury (theirs or the dogs!).
😟  Guilty that they didn't feel like they were the right person for their dog.
One of the best things about writing STOP Walking Your Dog is getting feedback that the book has stopped people from feeling guilty!  You don't always need to give your dog a traditional walk. There are so many ways to give your dog mental and physical stimulation without going through the front door.
Niki French is dog mad, people-loving dog trainer, founder of Pup Talk and Twickenham Dog Services. Her "CEO" is Bodie, a lively young Collie Lurcher Cross from Battersea Cats and Dog Home. Niki is on a mission to give people belief, knowledge, support and provide ongoing tools for them to become their dog's best trainer. She believes no dog is beyond help and is passionate that training should be a fun part of daily life.
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