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What style of harness do you use for your anxious dog?

What style of harness do you use for your anxious dog?

It is amazing to see the number of anxious and reactive dogs wearing appalling fitting harnesses.
The attached photos demonstrate the point very well.
The dogs shoulder has an extensive range of movement and should in no way be restricted by wearing a harness.
Please don't buy harnesses that have a straight bar across the dog's chest, (it would be like you trying to run with your legs tied together!) instead go for one that is 'Y' shaped.
As you might imagine, the Y shaped harness originally gets its name from the shape which looks like the letter Y.
Our padded Y harness have been designed to distribute the weight of the dog evenly over the harness to help reduce pulling and rubbing. The feeling of security when wearing a soft comfortable and well fitted harness can encourage the dog to walk more calmly and hopefully less stressed.
Studies have shown that far from hindering movement, they help animals move ergonomically and comfortably, whilst still being able to be controlled by the humans working beside them.
Many people are shocked in learning that a dog's front limbs are not straight, like ours. Using the wrong type of or a poorly fitted harness means that on a day-to-day basis your dog is not able to move freely. Over time this can cause mobility issues or your dog not wanting to put the harness on as it's uncomfortable.
The area most important for remaining unobstructed is the shoulder.
Also avoid ones that have no padded protection.
Imagine how uncomfortable it would be for you to wear scratchy, hard, webbing material.
Most harnesses are not designed to stay on your dog all day. Some are but we would always suggest that you check your dog regularly for any rubs.
All "My Anxious Dogs" harnesses are tested and padded to make sure they do not rub with fleece material around the straps.
Make sure that you keep your harness clean so that it does not cause any sores to your dog’s skin.
All "My Anxious Dog" products are washable.
Just because it's a popular brand, doesn't mean it's good.
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