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What is the Yellow Dog Project: Giving Dogs the Space They Need for Peaceful Walks

What is the Yellow Dog Project: Giving Dogs the Space They Need for Peaceful Walks

Walking a reactive or anxious dog in public is challenging, especially when strangers and dogs walk over to greet your dog. Sometimes avoiding scary triggers is impossible, so a smart individual started "The Yellow Dog Project", which has gained popularity within the dog world.
What is the Yellow Dog Campaign?
The Yellow Dog Project is a campaign to help dogs get the space they need during walks. When walking through a public area its nearly impossible to identify a reactive or anxious dog so it was recommend to tie a yellow ribbon on your dogs lead to signal to others that your dog needs space. This has now progressed into dressing you dog with a yellow lead or harness.
Why "yellow" we are often asked?
Yellow is the official warning colour for caution.
It is used by police on crime scenes and it is used in building sites when caution is needed.
Yellow is also a colour associated with cowardly, not being brave, jealousy and illness.
A pure Yellow is the most luminous of all the colours of the spectrum.
The human eye processes yellow first.
It’s the colour that captures our attention more than any other colour so it can be seen from a distance and that is why we use yellow.
All our dogs are different, its their little quirks that make them special. By wearing yellow you are giving your dog a helping hand by helping others to understand their personalities.
It creates awareness and educates and this has given both of us a greater confidence.
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