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What is the Yellow Army for our anxious and nervous dogs?

What is the Yellow Army for our anxious and nervous dogs?

Our yellow space awareness campaign is as much about educating people with non-reactive dogs that not every dog wants to be approached. Often such an approach from a "friendly" off lead dog can undo weeks/months of desensitisation training which is very frustrating. Many owners of reactive dogs in their yellow harness are the ones that have taken on dogs that the other owners have given up on. Most of us with reactive dogs do work very hard to train/rehabilitate our dogs. However this is made so much easier if other dog owner give us a little space to do it and put their dog on a lead just for a few moments when they see a dog in yellow.

This is a visual way to let others know without shouting, waving your arms around or doing ninja moves in and around bushes that your dog is anxious and needs space.

If we with reactive and anxious dogs use the yellow space awareness products we are helping to signal to other dog owners from a distance that you need space.

Come on join our Yellow Army and be proud.

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