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Top Christmas gifts for our anxious and nervous dogs.

Top Christmas gifts for our anxious and nervous dogs.

What are the best Christmas gifts for our anxious and reactive dogs?

I can’t believe Christmas is coming so quickly, and I’ve hardly had a chance to stop and think about Christmas gifts. What a year 2021 has been…we’ve all felt the weight of a global pandemic upon our shoulders, but amongst the really tough times, we have also had the chance to spend extra special times with our dogs again. Indeed, our dogs and other furry friends have truly come into their own during the Covid19 crisis, providing love, loyalty and companionship throughout, so what better way to spoil them than with a little treat this Christmas?

We’ve had a think about all the options for gifting to your anxious dog this year, something to suit all budgets, from little treats to luxury items, and included a few items for you anxious dog owners too. 

I always choose and design products that I use for My Anxious Dog - Bella. Bella always wears her yellow when out in public after she became fearful when she was attacked as a puppy.  It's a great way to show others her temperament and that she needs space. So this year I thought I would do a dedicated guide of Christmas gifts for our yellow army.

How about a nice cosy jumper for those chilly or night time walks? 

This winter, as the weather gets cold, the snow starts to fall and afternoons become dark, make sure you keep your dog warm. 

Prices start from £12 from

A big favourite this autumn is our stylish new lightweight raincoats. These will keep your dog dry and visible during wet weather adventures. It's pawsome you won't want to miss out on these.

Prices start from £24.99 from

All anxious dogs need good positive training and this treat dispenser is brilliant.  Bonus is a no fuss way to reward your dog. Simply fill the silicone body with whatever soft high value treat your dog loves and start training! 

Happy dogs, happy owners and happy training.

£8.99 from

With the weather turning chilly it's time to break out the snuggle sacks. Fabulous polar fleece on one side and faux sheep fur on the reverse. Perfect for hiding in with the chilly days coming. 

Snuggle sack/Burrow bags

Prices start from £25.00 from

Enrichment toys are designed to allow the dogs to naturally forage for food as they would in a natural environment. Each toy has hidden pockets, pouches, hideaways or tassels in which treats can be hidden for the dogs to find. Each toy has the option of being easy or challenging however we do stress that just because something is easy it doesn't mean it's not enriching. Dogs love to snuffle for food and treats and this is a perfect distraction for our anxious dogs.

Roll a reward

£12.99 from

The Tuggers Pop tug toys have a flexible ball with holes for pushing in treats. The ball is made from 100% natural rubber and the handle from our super strong and stretchy fleece. Machine washable too!

Price is £10 from


Foraging fun for your dog with the latest brain game creation as part of our new Snuffle Cube®  collection from Animal Behaviourist, Sarah White. Delight in your dog's joy as they squash it, pick it up and shake it: some treats may fall, most won't. Some treats they'll have to nose for, some get their paws involved. They'll love it! I bought this new Snuffle Cube for Bella in the summer to take away on our Staycation and it was perfect for her.

 Priced at £13.99 from

Do you need to show other dog walkers you have an anxious dog and you and your dog need space? How about a nice bright yellow ANXIOUS lead? A great way to let others know your dog is fearful and needs space. 

Priced at £18.00 from

Sometimes at Christmas we get those stocking fillers which are not necessarily ‘exciting’ yet are really practical items which are so useful! This is really useful. 

Poop Porter set with LED safety light? You know how annoying it can be when you can't find a bin. Simply clip onto your lead and you can keep your hands free with hanging your used poo bin on the Poop Porter. Available in 2 colours black and of course yellow.

Priced at £9.99 from

We deserve a little treat too as dog mum’s. Another big favourite is our yellow My Anxious Dog Needs Space hoodie. In our bright yellow not only does it keep you warm but nice and bright so you raises awareness to for our #dogsinyellow too!

Priced at £32.99 from

Any of these items will be worthwhile additions to your anxious dog’s belongings, not only making good gifts but also helping to keep them safe and well in the colder winter months. 

Lots of bright yellow as it is the official warning colour for caution and it captures our attention more than any other colour so it can be seen from a distance.

Dogs bring us cheer every day of the year, so we should all do something special for them too!

Don’t get frosty paws, buy today to make sure you have your poochie present under the Christmas Tree.



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