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Give the gift of confidence this Christmas

Give the gift of confidence this Christmas

The holiday season is almost upon us which means it’s time to get working on your Christmas gift lists.
But what is the greatest gift you can give to an anxious dog owner? Confidence.
The first gift of Christmas for dog owners is love, and owning a nervous dog takes love and compassion.
We are constantly striving to make things better, easier and happier for our best friends.
Then after love comes, confidence.
Confidence is a key ingredient to successful dog training.
When we start our journey with our anxious dogs you probably never heard of reactive dogs or dogs in yellow.
Sharing your life with a nervous dog can be incredibly hard. You return home from walks after yet another stressful event, and your heart aches.
Your confidence hits rock bottom.
In order for dogs and their owners to overcome their fears they must face them with practical support.
And yellow is such an important tool when you own a fearful dog.
Yellow accessories for your dog act as a visual reminder and are a powerful way to communicate that your dog needs space.
They give me confidence, they show my dog's personality.

At My Anxious Dog we have an extensive range of accessories, from harnesses to lead covers to raincoats and even human clothing.

We even stock a new range of enrichment toys and feeders too! They can also keep your dog busy and engaged while you're away and great when you have a house full over Christmas.

So whether your dog has been naughty or nice this year, Santa’s coming to town with the perfect gifts for your anxious doggies.
Be proud to be yellow, some dogs can only dream of this kind of love this Christmas.

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