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Does walking your dog give you anxiety with the rise in dog thefts?

Does walking your dog give you anxiety with the rise in dog thefts?

Feeling anxious when walking your dog with the rise in dog thefts?
There’s much to be anxious and stressed about amid the coronavirus crisis and it may be harder than usual to get a good night's sleep still. Having spent more time indoors you may have found yourself in a vicious circle of struggling to establish a normal day-to-day routine and feeling anxious.
Spending time in nature can help us relieve stress and anxiety, it improves our mood and feelings of happiness and wellbeing. But with all the reports of dog theft recently are you feeling more anxious to walk your dog?
DogLost, a UK charity that helps victims of dog theft, recorded a 170% increase in the crime, from 172 dogs in 2019 to 465 dogs in 2020.
Last March, due to a lockdown, lots of people thought that this would be the best time to introduce a dog to the family. The demand grew really high. When some people got wind at how expensive these dogs are, there was an increase of dog thefts by people who realised how valuable a commodity they are. Research by DogLost also found the most commonly stolen breeds were cocker spaniels and springer spaniels. Ten dogs a day are being stolen in the UK leaving families devastated, according to animal charities.
Microchipping is a safe, effective and permanent way to make sure that lost or stolen pets can be reunited with their owners.
Always keep an eye on your dog when it's in the garden and make sure fences and gates are secure.
Don't leave your dog alone tied up when you go into a shop.
Keep a range of photos of your dog from different angles to help identify them.
Beware of strangers asking questions about your dog.
HOWEVER having an anxious and reactive dog she wears yellow space awareness products which lets people know she needs space. I designed a range of Keep Away products so that Bella could have space when out on our walks after she was attacked when she was young. We have a KEEP AWAY lead slip on our anxious lead and now also an approved panic alarm. It makes me feel a little safer as who would want a dog that is fearful and reactive? The alarm makes me feel safe from all manner of attacks. The noise is piercing, anyone nearby would be aware of a problem, no matter how remote the walk. Add these to your daily walking kit and help make yourself feel less anxious. Our Police approved alarm is ideal for attracting attention and it is simple to use. The alarm is activated by pulling the key ring. It is small enough to carry with you or it can be attached to your dog walking bags using the key ring so you always have it with you. Includes handy torch light.
Owners with higher stress levels tend to have dogs with higher stress levels too. Studies show that this relationship runs both ways. Owners that experienced long term stress and anxiety can pass it on to their pooches as dogs are quite good at understanding humans.
Be alert and aware of your surroundings.
Don’t let strangers fuss your dog or answer too many questions.
Use a strong lead with a carabiner clip rather than a trigger hook.
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