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Comprehensive Pet Insurance: Dogs Trust Membership at £25/Year

Comprehensive Pet Insurance: Dogs Trust Membership at £25/Year

As a pet owner, you understand the unique challenges that come with having nervous dogs. In response to the increasing number of inquiries regarding Pet Insurance for anxious dogs, I have explored several options and found that Dogs Trust membership offers a comprehensive solution. With an affordable price tag of only £25 per year, this article will highlight the exceptional benefits of Dogs Trust membership for your nervous dogs. From 3rd party public liability coverage to access to VetfoneTM and Wag! Magazine, this membership not only protects your furry friends but also supports the valuable work of Dogs Trust in giving second chances to approximately 17,000 dogs every year.

Rest assured, wearing yellow not an issue! Whether it's a yellow lead, a yellow harness, or both, this policy covers your anxious dogs regardless of their yellow identification.


  1. 3rd Party Public Liability Insurance for Nervous Dogs: Dogs Trust membership is specifically designed to provide peace of mind for owners of nervous dogs. One of the key advantages is the inclusion of 3rd party public liability insurance, ensuring protection of up to £1,000,000 per claim. This coverage safeguards against any potential damage or injury caused by your nervous dog to another person, their property, or their pets. With Dogs Trust membership, you can have confidence knowing that your anxious companion is covered in unforeseen circumstances.

  2. Rescue Dog-Friendly Membership: Dogs Trust membership understands the unique needs of rescue dogs, including those with anxiety. If your nervous dog is uncomfortable wearing yellow identification, you can trust that Dogs Trust membership has taken this into consideration. This membership is designed to be accommodating and suitable for all dogs, regardless of their anxiety-related concerns. Rest assured that your nervous dog will receive the support and understanding they need.

  3. Unlimited Access to VetfoneTM: When you have a nervous dog, immediate access to veterinary advice is invaluable. Dogs Trust membership grants you unlimited access to VetfoneTM, a 24-hour emergency advice service staffed by veterinary professionals. This service ensures that expert guidance is just a phone call away whenever you need assistance with your pet's health concerns. With VetfoneTM, you can make informed decisions and prioritize the well-being of your nervous companion.

  4. Wag! Magazine: A Resource for Nervous Dog Owners: Staying informed and connected with fellow nervous dog owners is crucial for your pet's well-being. Dogs Trust membership provides you with Wag! Magazine, a publication tailored specifically for dog owners like you. Packed with doggy news, stories, and tips, Wag! Magazine offers valuable insights and advice to help you navigate the challenges of owning a nervous dog. Immerse yourself in heart-warming stories and enhance your understanding of your anxious companion's needs.

For just £25 per year, Dogs Trust membership offers comprehensive pet insurance coverage and an array of benefits for nervous dogs and their owners. By choosing this membership, you not only protect your beloved pet but also support the vital work of Dogs Trust in giving second chances to thousands of dogs every year. Don't miss out on this exceptional opportunity to provide your nervous dog with the care they deserve while making a meaningful difference in the lives of countless dogs in need.

Join Dogs Trust membership today and embark on a journey of comprehensive pet insurance and compassionate support for your nervous companion.

For more information please contact Dogs Trust here

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