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Dog Poop Porter set makes scooping your dog poop easier when you can't find a bin

Dog Poop Porter set makes scooping your dog poop easier when you can't find a bin

Scooping the poop has to be the least pleasant aspect of owning a dog.  Let's face it, no one enjoys it, even the best dog trainers haven't managed to train dogs to do it themselves. If you have a dedicated poop bag dispenser maybe you would be less likely to leave them at home on a dog walk. And having a Poop Porter too means no more holding steamy poop bags.

And every dog owner knows that it can be annoying and inconvenient to carry a used poop bag around until we find a bin or get home. 

A poo bag holder certainly isn't an essential item, but it is a great option to ensure you're always prepared for that last minute dog walk, especially if it is attached to your dog lead.

This is where My Anxious Dog Poop Porter Set comes in, simply clip to the lead via the poop bag holder.....keeping your hands free for giving out those treats. To use, just slip the knot of the used poop bag through the large hole, and the Poop Porter will keep a hold of it for you.

This poo bag holder clip is also easy to use and can easily be attached or removed from any lead.

Dog poop bag holders are designed to store your clean bags keeping them ready for when you need them, dispense them quickly and My Anxious Dog Poop Porter set has a holder for your used poop bags too. 

Our poo bag holder is lightweight and easy to refill by unscrewing one end.

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