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Do you need a good quality padded Y harness for your anxious or nervous dog?

Do you need a good quality padded Y harness for your anxious or nervous dog?

Do you have an anxious dog?
Do you hate other dogs running up to your dog to say "hello"?
Do you let other dog owners know your dog needs space?
Do you have an anxious/reactive dog that needs to wear yellow?
Do you use the yellow??
Do you have those issues when out walking but want a good quality harness too that is non restrictive?
Our harnesses are specifically designed to distribute the weight of the dog evenly over the harness to help reduce pulling & rubbing.
The feeling of security when wearing a soft, comfortable & well fitted harness can encourage the dog to walk more calmly & hopefully less stressed.
Studies have shown that far from hindering movement, they help animals move ergonomically and comfortably, whilst still being able to be controlled by the humans working beside them. Many people are shocked in learning that a dog's front limbs are not straight, like ours. Using the wrong type of or a poorly fitted harness means that on a day-to-day basis your dog is not able to move freely. Over time this can cause mobility issues or your dog not wanting to put the harness on as it's uncomfortable. The area most important for remaining unobstructed is the shoulder.
Our range of high quality yellow padded harnesses are available in 5 sizes with ANXIOUS embroidered in black.
The harness features two leash attachment points.
Foam-padded construction for comfortable extended wear
The perfect choice for an everyday harness for an anxious dog
Perfect for walking, hiking, great for running and jogging as the padding protects the dogs pressure points.
Simple to put on, and comfortable for your companion no matter their size thanks to the adjustable straps
Soft, strong and non restrictive and washable
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