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Do you have a reactive, anxious, nervous, or fearful dog?

Do you have a reactive, anxious, nervous, or fearful dog?

Making a story for your anxious dog.
There is no shame in using yellow on your anxious or reactive dog.
It gives you peace of mind and it helps share an important message to others about your dog. Letting others know your dog's temperament.
You know that you have been considerate to let other dog owners know that your anxious dog needs space.
With our yellow leads and lead slips you can mix up the wording to suit your dog's needs and make your story.
My dog is reactive to people and other dogs so I mix it up with KEEP AWAY lead, a DO NOT TOUCH LEAD slip and an ANXIOUS harness.
Imagine if everyday we can help educate others to understand our dogs needs, to clip their dogs back on a lead. To keep away and give us space.
Words are powerful.
Yellow is powerful.
How do you let others know your anxious dog needs space?
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