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Chatting to Carrie-Anne Selwyn from Canine Hoopers World about our yellow.

Chatting to Carrie-Anne Selwyn from Canine Hoopers World about our yellow.

Do you love doing Hoopers with your nervous dog?
I was asked to be a guest on Carrie-Anne Selwyn from Canine Hoopers World Podcast to talk about the importance of awareness for our #dogsinyellow.
Carrie-Anne is a crazy dog lady and the founder of Canine Hoopers World.
Carrie-Anne is also is an owner of a reactive dog Minx, 4kg Chihuahua. 
"Hoopers has taught us to work together. It’s helped her trust me to keep her safe. It’s taught her other dogs are ok because we have fun when they are around. In one year she went from the dog I left at home to going to competitions and coming home with ribbons. Not everyone wants to compete. Not everyone can compete, the environment maybe too stressful for your dog. Your dog may find new people a worry, or may find other dogs too much and that’s ok. You know your dog. But hoopers is more than training for competitions. It’s about spending time with your dog. Working on new skills that will improve your life together. Giving your dog a job. Nearly all breeds were created with a specific job in mind and the modern world has made these dogs unemployed. Hoopers allows your dog to work with you as a team, rather than going self-employed."
I hope you enjoy listening as much as we did chatting! 💛
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