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All dogs like me, I have had them all my life!

All dogs like me, I have had them all my life!

All dogs like me, I have had them all my life!

We have probably all come across that person who enthusiastically declares that all dogs love them as they have a special way with dogs. 
My Cocker Spaniel Bella is scared of strangers trying to touch her, and no matter how much people like her and talk to her gentle, she is still fearful of them.

Those who have that true special connection and understanding of dogs will always be able to tell when a dog is giving off signals indicating they don't want to interact, they just want to be left alone and ignored. 
These are the people that dogs, worried and scared about people, love as they can spend as much time as they like sussing them out. Approach and interact, in their own time and at their own speed too. 
These special people never put any pressure on any dog and are often the people ALL dogs really do get to feel comfortable around.

Being told that your dog will love the person coming closer only fills us owners of people fearful dogs, with dread and anxiety too. We end up having to be direct, often rude and abrupt in order to stop the 'all dogs love me' person coming so close our fearful dog loses it and reacts.
I don't like being rude.
My dog doesn't like getting so frightened that she tips into 'fight' mode and reacts.
So please if you really do love dogs, especially if you see a dog wearing yellow please leave them alone.

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